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Dairy Training Code of Practice Self Review Report – October 2023

Our Code of Practice Self Review Report measures the overall effectiveness of what we do to ensure quality pastoral care outcomes for our students. This self-review report reflects what we have learned about our Code of Practices and provides evidence of our effectiveness.

Strategic Plan for Learner Wellbeing, Health, and Safety – 2023

This plan is a summary of our more detailed strategic goals and strategic plans for supporting the wellbeing and safety of our learners. Download the plan.

Student Handbook – 2022

This Student Handbook offers advice and guidance to students of the Level 3 & 4 PrimaryITO courses delivered by Dairy Training Ltd. Handbooks for other courses are available in our learner platform, Intuto. Download the handbook.

Dairy Training Policies and Procedures – June 2022

Our Policies and Procedures document contains our:

  • Assessment Authenticity
  • Assessment Grades and Appeals
  • Biosecurity Policy
  • Electronic Completion of Assessment Work
  • Farm Visits & Offsite Field Trips
  • Fee Protection
  • Harassment
  • Pastoral Care
  • Privacy Statement
  • Social Media Policy
  • Staff Code of Conduct
  • Student Code of Conduct
  • Student Complaints Procedure
  • Student Induction
  • Te Reo Māori Assessment
  • Withdrawal Procedure



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